Midnight Oil - ‘Backburning’

This film captures the calm before the storm, as Midnight Oil reunite in the red centre of Australia to make plans. Their conviction and drive made them a singular force in music until their singer chose to become a Member of Parliament: a decision that ultimately caused the band to fall silent for 15 years.  ‘Backburning’ recaps Midnight Oil’s history, through archive footage, band interviews and Aaron Pedersen’s narration.

We meet them at the very beginning (when Peter Garrett still had hair) as they form on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, during a tumultuous time in Australian history. We revisit how they forged their fierce and uncompromising reputation: with power and passion before joining them around an outback campfire to discover why they have come together again here and now. 
 The film is written and directed by Paul Clarke from Bombora Film & Music, I shot this with an ARRI Alexa MINI and vintage Leica R Primes.